CC's Mini Aussies  
Here I strive to raise quality
Miniature Australian Shepherds.  I
started raising these wonderful
dogs in 2002.  A friend introduced
me to the breed many years
before that.  Their intelligence
and versatility amazed me.  When
I finally bought my first mini
aussie, she was everything I
thought she'd be and more.  
Brandy is the official greeter
here, making herself known to
anyone who stops by. I'm located
in West-Central FL, in Homosassa,
on the Gulf Coast.  I've got 10
acres of land, plenty of room for
the dogs to run and play.   
Little Miss Brandy
Miniature Australian Shepherds
range in size from 13 to 18 inches
tall, making them a nice medium
sized dog.  All of my aussies are
screened for hip (OFA) and eye
(CERF) abnormalities.  The puppies
are dewormed every 2 weeks, and
vaccinated at the appropriate
ages.  I strive to produce quality,
healthy puppies.  My dogs are
registered with ASDR.
    My first aussie puppies